Rev’It Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

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Rev’It Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

Summertime brings the hot weather riding challenge. Choosing a motorcycle jacket that matches the ever-needed airflow, comfortable fit, and a good enough protection degree. 

The heat makes it hard, but you can’t just go out motorcycle touring unprotected. Nor you should. 

Also, spending a lot of money on more expensive jackets, with other features that you may end up not using, to wear them just a few months every year could be far from a rational decision. However, chances are that we can find something that will keep you cool, protected, and that can very well end up being a great addition to your summer riding gear .

Image credits Rev’It

ding gear.

Stick with me, and I’ll show you what jacket I wear on the hotter days.

How I match comfort and protection, and how I do it without breaking the bank.

Let’s jump on our Rev’It Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review, and see why this 2-season motorcycle riding jacket is my summer choice. 

Geared up with the Rev’It Eclipse in a 95℉/35℃ Summer Day

The Rev’It Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Basics

The Rev’It Eclipse is a Jacket that works perfectly in the hotter summer months. That being said, it’s got all the features needed, and it doesn’t sacrifice the build quality that the Rev’It brand stands for. It actually brings you back to basics when it comes to riding in hot temperatures. You are not getting a cheap jacket. You a getting a mesh jacket with the refined look and the premium quality that we are used to from Rev’It. 

Protection Features:

The Eclipse jacket outer shell is built mainly with mesh and 600D polyester. The durable abrasion-resistant 600D polyester fabric is present in the areas of most probable impact.

It runs down each side of the torso, across the kidney belt area, and overlays the shoulders and the elbows. 

Shoulders and Elbows also come stock with Knox Flexiform CE level 1 protection.

The Rev’it Eclipse can be fitted with a back protector, and it has an inner pocket ready for one. However, the CE2 Seesoft Back Protector – Type RV is sold separately and has a price tag of just under 60$. A nice feature is the 600D polyester stripe that runs in the center back, and that will be the back abrasion resistance point if wearing the optional CE level 2 back protector. 

The laminated reflective logo in the back stands in for visibility.

Image credits Rev’It

Style and Fit:

Style is simple but sleek, shifting more on to the touring/casual look. Stylish remarks and color options make the Rev’It Eclipse a great-looking motorcycle jacket. 

Added bonus? It looks great both on and off the bike.

The premium-quality look and feel of the chassis are also present in some other well-appointed details. It has a good and sturdy zipper that looks great and works properly. The inner collar with a nice t fleece liner feels great against your skin, especially if you’re sweating in the summer, and the collar itself closes with a single snap. 

A snap adjustment is also used for the bicep area, giving you the possibility of having an extra fit there.

The waistline around the kidney belt area is adjustable, with a simple velcro strap mechanism. Nothing too fancy that gets the job done.

A velcro strap is also used for wrist area adjustments.

The inside lining is made of basic mesh. Also, inside there is a double jeans loop to attach the jacket to your Rev’It jeans. A helpful feature to prevent the jacket from rising above the pants waist and leaving exposed areas if you fall. It also helps hold down the jacket tail at high speed.

For storage of your personal items, there are two slit pockets and one inner pocket.

The Rev’It Eclipse airflow is awesome. With ventilation panels at the chest, back, and sleeves, the mesh fabric does what it was meant to do perfectly. 

Size and fit consistent with the Rev’It fit, nicely fitted to the body. It’s neither overly baggy nor overly fit. 

Keep in mind that if you intend to wear it over an airbag vest, you need to size up from your regular Rev’It fit. There has to be enough room to accommodate the airbag’s full expansion when inflated. Now depending on the airbag vest model, there are different minimum measures to consider. If you want to know more about it, be sure to read our 2021 Best of guide on motorcycle airbag vests.

The Price

Under the 200$ mark, this is a jacket that doesn’t lose to the competition, and will not let you down.


Rev’it Eclipse Mesh Jacket Over Dainese Smart Jacket Airbag Vest

The Rev’It Eclipse is a great summer jacket that adds bang for your buck. Looks great, has great airflow, and it’s lightweight. The quality is what is expected from a brand like Rev’It, or in other words, it is a really good quality motorcycle jacket. 

I usually wear it with the Dainese Smart Jacket to provide overall protection and comfort. They pair up nicely and complement each other. The Dainese Smart Jacket allows me to overcome the absence of the optional back protector, and the Rev’It Eclipse adds abrasion protection to me and the airbag vest itself.

Check Price


  • Great Ventilation
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Style


  • Back Protector optional
  • Velcro could be better
  • Could have another inner pocket

Let me know what you think of the review the comment box below, and if you like it, please share it.

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2 thoughts on “Rev’It Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review”

  1. Size is WAY off! I am a Medium in most clothes and jackets. I wanted a snug fit for riding because I have two other jackets and they both fit too large. So I ordered the Medium Size jacket it was ridiculously small so I returned it and ordered the size Large.
    The Large just fit. But barely. Still too small. So another return and I have ordered XL. It will arrive soon. Hopefully it will be the right size and fit!
    Thank you Fortnine!
    You are an awesome Canadian company selling Motorcycle gear!
    Bought Rev’it because of Itchy Boots! She is an inspiration!

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